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Data Recovery and Backups

Crashed Hard Drives

In most cases, we can recovery your data from a bad hard drive using one of several different software programs. We start by attempting to make a duplicate of your entire hard drive to a new hard drive. Failing that, we attempt to recover specific files using special data recovery software that thoroughly examines the disk for files and folders.

Data Loss Prevention

As the old saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." The best data recovery is a good data backup system. Be sure you have a good backup system in place today and you will sleep better tonight.

Data Backups

Your data is important to you. Your pictures, music, videos, and other important documents live on a hard drive that could fail any day regardless of how new your computer is. This is why it is so important to have a solid backup program.

Automatic Backups

Your backups must happen without you doing anything. We can help you schedule automatic backups that run as often as your needs require.

Verify the Backups

It is a bad experience to have a computer crash and find out your backups were not any good. We can help you with a plan to occasionally check your backups.

Don't Wait Any Longer

Do not be the guy that says "I just hadn't gotten around to backing up" right after your drive crashes and you lose all of your photos, video, music, and important documents. Call VisionTek today or contact us using the form on the right.
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